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The Crocodile

Punch has a string of sausages
A crocodile comes up steels them
Punch tries to pat the crocodile
Punch is bitten on the nose

While Punch is waiting for Joey to return the crocodile steals the sausages and after a bit of business with the crocodile chasing Punch and the audience shouting "Crocodile!" and "Over there!" it bites Punch's nose.

The quality and length of this routine is very dependent on your skill as a puppeteer (ie moving puppets). Initially it may pay to keep it simple and short and with practice extend it. Audience participation is usually of the "Over there!" sort. This can go on for ever until it gets out of hand or boring. Remember the rule of three - Set up an expectation from your audience by repeating something three times and then do something completely different.



De Hempsey: The crocodile comes up and approaches Punch who thinks it's a pussy. "Poor pussy, poor pussy, poor pussy!" The Crocodile bites him on the nose and Punch offers him the sausages to get rid of it. This gets him in trouble with Joey when he returns with the frying pan, but by this time the crocodile has become a tiger. Joey hits Punch with the frying pan - possibly one with a good ring to it.

Edwards: Punch dances and sings "Half a pound of sausages" The Crocodile pops up behind him a few times with Punch stopping to see what's going on. The Crocodile comes up and copies Punch's moves as he sings and snaps its jaws behind Punch. It then plonks itself down on one side of the stage. Punch, who thinks it's a pussy cat, uses his stick to keep it still when it tries to creep nearer. Punch then tempts fate by putting his nose in its jaws.

Tickner: The Crocodile comes up when everyone is expecting Joey. Punch turns around and is bitten on the nose. Punch fights the crocodile with his stick, pushing it down the crocodile's throat. Punch tries to get the stick back and is bitten on the nose.

Edwin: Hooper has the Crocodile growl and creep up behind Punch as he is trying to find out where the sound is coming from. The Crocodile follows Punch, snapping its jaws but just missing. Eventually Punch sees it and calls it a pussy cat. He pats it lovingly and when he turns around it snaps at him - Punch seemingly unaware of the danger he is in. After a bit of this the Crocodile opens its jaws wide and when Punch turns his head is right in the jaws of the Crocodile. He looks at the audience and cries "It's a crocodile!" He trembles violently and leans backwards to get away from the Crocodile's jaws. But the Crocodile bites Punch's nose. There is a brief pause so that the audience can appreciate the situation and then there is a struggle for Punch to free himself. While Punch dances about shouting "Oh my nose!" The crocodile slithers down and out the front of the booth and grabs the hanging end of the sausages. When he comes back up with them there is a tug-of-war with the sausages. Hooper then has the Crocodile eating the sausages by putting the puppet on the playboard and pulling them through while Punch opens and shuts its jaws. While Punch peers into the jaws trying to retrieve the sausages the Crocodile once again bites his nose.

Gatto: This is, strictly speaking, a dog but nevertheless it behaves like a crocodile and the performance could easily be adapted.   Punch is singing and banging his head in time with a tune. The Crocodile comes up and joins in, dancing along with Punch. Then as part of the dance the Crocodile nips Punch on the head and ducks down. Punch, who hadn't noticed the Crocodile, looks around to see what bit him. He starts again and the same thing happens. He starts yet again but this time stops immediately to catch it out but nothing happens. So Punch starts dancing again and the Crocodile comes up and this time grabs Punch's head and holds tight. He manages to free himself and dashes to the other side of the stage. He looks at the Crocodile with fear (shaking) as it lies with its head on the stage. Punch then, cautiously, tries to touch the Crocodile but it snaps at his hand each time he tries (this becomes a rhythm). The Crocodile eventually grabs hold and they spin around the booth. The Crocodile lets go and resumes its position on the stage. Punch meanwhile goes below and gets a stick and hits it on the stage. The crocodile snaps its jaws to the same beat. Punch tries to hit the Crocodile but each time it dodges and snaps its jaws. This becomes a rhythm of stick banging, jaws snapping and crocodile head banging on the playboard.

Eventually the Crocodile grabs the stick and chases Punch around the booth with it. The Crocodile swallows the stick while Punch is trying to retrieve it. It then gets a bit more docile and lays its head on the stage once more. Punch calls to it from the other side of the stage. He reaches over, quivering with fear, and tries to pat it. The Crocodile snaps at his hand. This repeats a few times. The fourth time nothing happens but Punch flinches nevertheless - much to his annoyance (He sort of swears and hits the proscenium with frustration). The next time the Crocodile does nothing and so Punch begins to pat it more and more vigorously. The Crocodile opens its mouth but Punch simply shuts it with his hand. This then gets faster and faster and eventually forms a rhythm. At its peak the Crocodile bites Punch's head and holds it in his head. Gatto removes his hand from the Crocodile puppet and brings up the owner, which could easily be the doctor. The Doctor's first task could then be to remove the Crocodile from Punch's head.