At least three generations of Staddons performed Punch and Judy on Bournemouth beach and in many
other locations for most of the first half of the 20th Century.

This is a postcard collected by Chris Somerville. It is dated 1926 but the photograph was probably
taken a year or two earlier. The punchman is Bert Staddon.

Bert Staddon Jr. is performing on a bleak day at Bournemouth beach, either in early spring or late autumn. The picture is from a 1950s newspaper clipping supplied by Mark Poulton.

This is the portable show of
Bert Staddon III, (

"Nowadays the show is only performed occasionally. The puppets I use are mostly ones used by my grandfather and some are over a hundred years old."

On 28th April 2003 we were informed that Bert had died. R.I.P.
The family intend to maintain his website.

Reuben Staddon, brother of Bert, had the pitch at Weston Super Mare. He and his sons, Reuben Jr. and John, performed Punch and Judy there until the 1970s.