Opening the Show (Rod Burnett)
Walky Walky (Glyn Edwards)
That's the way to end it! (Rod Burnett)
Brilliant Irish Punch (Conor Lambert)
Health & Safety (Glyn Edwards)
What a Day!! (Leslie Clarke)
Punch in Australia (Lackland Haig)
Sosages etc. (Tony Clarke)
The Ghost of Penrhyn (Chris S)
Education (John Stoate)
Not in front of the children (Chris S)
Judy in charge (Andrew Clarkson)
Sausages!! (Leslie Clarke)
Do Not Bang (Chris S)
Count on Joey!! (Tony Clarke)
The Boxing Match (Bryan Clarke)
Tliangle Tlickelly (Bryan Clarke)
Liverpool Legend (Ronald Codman)
Prof. Jingles (Bryan Clarke)
Ending the show (Andrew Clarkson)
He's broke my gallows (Jason Codman)
Mayfair Debut (Martin Battey)
When Punch is too violent (Chris Somerville)
Victorian Trickery on Strings (Chris Somerville)